Welcome to Endless Hoops: We need you to make a change!

Welcome to Endless Hoops: We need you to make a change!

Welcome to Endless Hoops, an online store selling high-quality hoop earrings founded with the vision to make a difference in the world while following the passion for fashion and fashion jewellery. Our brand was born on a rainy afternoon in Antwerp during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. The founder realized that her passion for jewellery and fashion could be used for a good cause.

During the second wave of the pandemic, life happened, and the project was temporarily shelved. But the founder's calling to create a meaningful impact with her passion could no longer be ignored. She started Endless Hoops, her first jewellery brand, with the aim of building a network of social responsibility projects around it and giving back to society.

We are proud to say that significant amount of our earnings go towards self-funded projects that provide education to women in developing countries. We believe in serving the communities we are passionate about, rather than just donating money. As we progress, we will share more news and details about these projects.

At Endless Hoops, our mission is to make a positive impact on the world while also offering our customers high-quality, stylish hoop earrings. We believe that fashion can be used as a tool to make a positive change in the world, and we strive to create a community of people who share our values of equality, freedom, diversity, and inclusion.

Our values are at the core of everything we do, and they guide our decisions, actions, and relationships. Here's what each of our values means to us:

  1. Equality: We believe that everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances, should be treated with respect, dignity, and fairness. We are committed to creating a world where everyone has equal opportunities, and we work towards this by supporting projects that empower women in third-world countries.
  2. Freedom: We believe in the freedom to express oneself, the freedom to choose, and the freedom to be who you are without fear or judgement. We celebrate individuality and diversity, and we aim to create a space where everyone feels welcome and accepted.
  3. Diversity: We embrace diversity in all its forms, including race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and more. We believe that diversity makes the world a richer, more vibrant place, and we strive to create a community that celebrates and values differences.
  4. Inclusion: We are committed to creating a culture of inclusion where everyone feels valued, respected, and supported. We believe that inclusivity is a key component of a just and fair society, and we work towards this by supporting projects that promote education and social inclusion.

We are proud to say that all of our operations are in-house, and we only work with partners who share our values.

We are committed to keeping all our promises to our customers, and we take pride in the quality and elegance of our hoop earrings. We believe that our customers deserve nothing but the best, and we work hard to ensure that our products meet our high standards.

We promise to deliver high-quality, stylish earrings that are made with care and attention to detail. All our products are made from materials that are durable, long-lasting, and safe for your skin.

We are confident that you will love our earrings as much as we do, and we look forward to being a part of your journey. Thank you for choosing Endless Hoops.

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